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KISS’ career has now spanned 50 years…daring, reaching, uncompromising and evolving to be who they are writing their own story in rock history. That story has many pages and chapters to which fans around the world have rallied and cited as the soundtrack to their own lives, including the four of us.

MR.SPEED is writing yet another chapter in its story as well introducing a new character after two and a half decades by unveiling “The Fox” Eric Carr on the drums. We have always done what we’ve wanted to do, ignoring popular opinion and giving the fans what we ourselves expect from a KISS style show to the best of our abilities.

Like KISS we are not afraid of change or taking risks and most certainly shying away from giving our very best. Doing the same thing year after year is not appealing to us as a band and as fans and we’re excited about the double-bass rhythm that will now be driving the collection of KISS classics that we perform live which will enable us to share a seldom seen era of the band to KISS fans the world over.

With the utmost respect we thank KISS. For creating something that gave us a purpose as individuals and for allowing us to share it with others as a KISS Tribute Band and in some small way acknowledging that our imitation is meant from the heart and that we’re honored to stand in their shadow.


Rich, Mark, Mike and Rich