“Strawberry Fields” will take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the 1960s beginning with the year 1964 – complete with mop top hair, black suits and thin ties – and through the first four albums of great songs. Our next stop is 1967, featuring the psychedelic era of the “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album – with all of the costumes and jackets featured on the album cover, and singing all of your groovy favorites. Our last musical visit is to a place where their hair got longer and their music more politically involved, featuring music from the “White Album,” “Abbey Road,” and “Let It Be.”

“Strawberry Fields” has been performing to audiences of all ages for over a decade and in the past has shared the stage with featured guests from the Broadway cast of “Beatlemania;” Steve Holly, drummer for Paul McCartney who was featured on his second solo album, “Back To The Egg;” Billy J. Kramer (one of Brian Epstein’s original British Invasion stars); Tony Sheridan, who recorded an entire album with The Beatles, themselves; and Pete Best, who (in case you’ve been living under a rock for all these years) was, early in their careers, the drummer of The Beatles! We have enjoyed many press reviews from several acclaimed journals and raves from fans everywhere. We’ve most recently performed an exclusive engagement for “EMI” at “Ruby Foo’s” in NYC, not to mention our 2005, one-time-only 40th anniversary recreation of The Beatles’ historic 1965 concert at Shea Stadium… Shea Stadium! Wow!