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“Come Sail Away” with Return to Paradise, a salute to the American Rock Band, STYX. These six veteran musicians, all of the New York Music Scene focus on Styx’s trademark high-pitched harmonies, mixed with the dual-guitar assault, solid rhythm section as the driving force of talent with influential, flashy keyboards… Come Sail Away, Renegade, Blue Collar Man, Babe, Too Much Time On My Hands, Lady, Grand Illusion, Fooling Yourself, Crystal Ball, Mr. Roboto, Suite Madame Blue, Show Me The Way, The Best of Times are just a few of the many high-end radio songs lingering in our hearts and minds forever.

​Return to Paradise’s lead singer Anthony Paul recreates both Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw’s impressive vocals, whether it be one of the band’s timeless power ballads or amped-up rock songs while also tipping his hat to Dennis DeYoung’s love for visual musical theatre. Keyboardist Robert Epstein thrills audiences using finely tuned hand-crafted synthesizer patches to reproduce Dennis DeYoung’s famous keyboard tones with flair, flash and vigor. Guitarist James Erickson is part of the dual-guitar assault dynamically emulating with precision, the technique of the guitar riffs that made Tommy Shaw and James Young guitar masters. Guitarist Ron Torina brings the detail, blues swagger, and guitar tones helping to create a bombastic guitar section. Rounding out the band and driving the beat is the thunderous rhythm section comprised of bass guitarist/vocalist Joe Mendozza, along with a rare lead-singing drummer, Sean Minardi, who provides masterful drumming alongside his lead-vocal skills and spot-on harmonies. He is also responsible for bringing to the show the ingenious and mysterious appearance of Mr. Roboto as well as additional keyboard leads, flourishes and textures. Witness a high-energy instrumental drum solo that is usually no longer performed in this day and age at a live event. Together they truly have collective soul giving the band a supreme solid foundation.

Our Return to Paradise Styx Tribute Show recreates all of Styx’s Greatest Hits spanning almost five decades with a faithful, distinctive sound that instantly ignites audiences’ memories and brings them to their feet to sing along with this band on a consistent basis. We strive to bring you back to a time when Dennis DeYoung, brothers Chuck and John Pannozo, Tommy Shaw and James Young all shared the same stage together establishing their historical imprint in our hearts to last a lifetime…