Eric Elison, is an independent Colorado Singer Songwriter, and Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Artist, who possesses a rich, vibrato laced baritone reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot in his prime. Two events catapulted Eric into becoming a Lightfoot Tribute Artist.  One was meeting Joni Mitchell’s ex-husband.

“You are channelling Gordie Lightfoot. Trust me I know what Gordie sounds like. He used to sleep on my sofa!” ~ Chuck Mitchell (Joni’s Ex)

Eric met Chuck Mitchell at a Folk Alliance Event in Iowa City, and sent Chuck a demo recording of an original song. Chuck was astounded by how much Eric sounded like his old friend Gordon Lightfoot, and told Eric, “ You are channelling Gordie Lightfoot.”

The second event was meeting Ted Vigil, a world renowned John Denver Tribute Artist. Ted, and Eric got together for a Jam session. Ted was impressed with Eric’s vocal and guitar, and encouraged him to pursue becoming a Lightfoot Tribute Artist. Eric did precisely that, spending countless hours learning Lightfoot’s considerable catalog, recording an EP of Lightfoot’s tunes in Nashville. Eric began playing his Lightfoot Tribute Show in August of 2019, around the US, and Europe.

Today, Eric is an established performer, who despite the setbacks caused by cancellations due to COVID has persevered, and is once again booking Tribute Shows around the US. His artistry and ability to perform Gordon Lightfoot’s songs just as Gordie did in his prime, has caused his fans to call him the Lightfoot of the Rockies.