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ZeidwiG was originally headed toward a professional baseball career, but before spring training, while in the middle of his ski racing season at McGill University, a revelation inspired him to suddenly stop in his ski tracks and aspire to become a pianist at 19 — an age generally considered impossible as a starting point of a concert career. Nonetheless, against all odds, he journeyed on to enormous critical acclaim throughout the world not only as a concert pianist, but as a comedian and later as a Composer.

The International Press of Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America have described Zeidwig’s work as “Breathtaking,” “Poetic,” “Genius,” “Sensational,” and “Perfect.” Domestically, the reviews have been equally enthusiastic: “Masterful and hilarious,” “Thrilling,” “Mesmerizing,” “Extraordinary,” and “Uplifting.”

This Global enthusiasm has played a role in encouraging Zeidwig to forge ahead and pursue new avenues of expression. His first play The Debut includes original compositions entitled Rainbow Concerto and Colors of Hope. Both works having created much attention in the music world subsequently led to The Debut’s concert hall premiere at Harvard University in 2003. His first original film shorts, Baroque and The Practice Session, have been broadcast by PBS on six continents and continue to be seen worldwide. In addition, Zeidwig has appeared in over 100 Prime Time television shows and as a Headliner in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Described by major corporate meeting planners as a “Natural in the industry,” Zeidwig has performed both nationally and internationally for such corporate giants as Westinghouse, Hewlett-Packard, and Phillips Corporation. After several sold out performances at Carnegie Hall, Zeidwig has also enjoyed recent successes with Major Symphony Orchestras both as a Concerto Soloist and Comedian. Still skiing and playing baseball, Zeidwig currently resides in New York.