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In 1979, “I Will Survive” climbed to the top of Billboard’s Pop Charts and claimed the #1 position on two different occasions. Little did Gloria know, the song would grow into the banner for social survival which is still relevant after three decades of international airplay. The song itself has survived and has been re-recorded over 200 times by accomplished artists such as Gladys Knight, Chantay Moore, Diana Ross and Cake.

In 1975, Gloria made history when Billboard gave birth to the ‘Disco Action Charts.’ Gaynor’s version of “Never Can Say Good-Bye” became the first dance song to reach #1 status in dance music, in 1980, “I Will Survive” won the Grammy for Best Disco Song and, in 1984, Gloria recorded “I Am What I Am”, which reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Disco Hits.

Gloria’s popularity continues to flourish into the new millennium. In March of 2001,“Just Keep Thinkin’About You” topped the Billboard Dance/Club Charts at #1, while Gloria’s international hit “Last Night” with Giorgio Moroder debuted at #1 throughout Europe. Gaynor was also the first artist to record an album especially for clubs, and the first to do a mega extended dance medley party mix, releasing 12” dance singles that are now high-end collector’s items.In 2002, Logic Records/BMG released the highly anticipated U.S. LP entitled “I Wish You Love”. That was her first worldwide release in 15 years. It gave birth to 4 #1 dance singles on Billboard’s Dance Charts and “I Never Knew” (radio version) made the top ten on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Charts. She also recorded a new version of “I Will Survive” in Spanglish, recorded live in Brazil.

In 2011 she embarked on a Christmas symphony tour in Italy and Croatia and she rang in the New Year 2011 with a concert celebration in Las Vegas. As 2011 unfolded Gloria traveled to Nashville to record a gospel song for her forthcoming Gospel CD entitled, “He Gave Me Life (I Will Survive).” She was also awarded the prestigious GOLDEN CAMERA Award from HORZU, Europe’s leading program magazine, for her Lifetime Achievement in Music. Gaynor also performed on the Ukraine ‘X Factor”. 2012, the Grammy Awards inducted “I Will Survive” into the Grammy Music Hall of Fame.