Category: Variety

“Eli Bosnick is not just any magician. Trained at New York University in Drama, Psychology, and Classical literature he is a genius and not afraid to admit it. He is just as comfortable talking Shakespeare as he is sleight of hand and competes in The world memory championships for fun. He rains down impossibility after impossibility without once acknowledging how blown the minds around him are. When my female companion screams when a coin melts in her hand, he smiles and reminds her “Don’t stop watching. You’ll miss the best part.”

A writer and magic consultant for tv shows, movies, and plays, he’s brought magic all over the world in multiple languages. In our first meeting I ask about awards and acclamations both intellectual and magical to which he shrugs and jokes, “You make me sound like such a big deal.” Moments later as our waitress squeals as he bends a fork in her hands without touching it I realize that Eli Bosnick is unlike anybody I have ever seen”