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More than just a cover band churning out Beatles tunes, the BEATLES FAUX SALE Beatles Tribute Band is a Broadway-Show caliber act designed to entertain your guests as if they were watching a theatrical performance. BEATLES FAUX SALE COVERS THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF THE BEATLES’ MUSIC CATALOG. From “Love Me Do” right through to “The End”, BEATLES FAUX SALE will dazzle your attendees with their amazing well-versed array of song titles.

All phases of The Beatles remarkable career and song writing genius are a part of the “BEATLES FAUX SALE” presentation as New Jersey’s most authentic Beatles Tribute Band. From the “Ed Sullivan” era to “Abbey Road” BEATLES FAUX SALE recreates the Beatles’ stage outfits, instruments, accents, hairstyle and mannerisms specific to the era this Beatles Tribute Band is performing on stage.

All of BEATLES FAUX SALE’s music and singing is performed LIVE by the four musicians in this Beatles Tribute Band. No pre-recorded backing tracks or “faux” singing is allowed. Whether a Corporate Event, Private Party, Town Concert or Wedding (our specialty) “BEATLES FAUX SALE” is the Beatles Tribute Band of choice for those clients seeking perfection for their attendees. This Beatles Tribute Band from New Jersey consists of Beatle Tribute Band veterans with over twenty years of Beatle Tribute Band experience.